Readers' Stories - Jennifer Lopez

This story, sent in by Jennifer Lopez echoes many of our journeys. How the shock and fear turns to love and pride and how our children teach us so very much.

Jonathan Alexander, aka SUPERMAN!

It just amazes me how 11 1/2 months ago I was in the hospital and the Dr told me she thought Jonathan had Down syndrome. 

I can't begin to express how horrible that was. I still hadn't got to hold him yet and she comes in to talk to me to tell me the news. I thought she was there to tell me congrats how handsome and healthy he was. 

I started to cry. Not for me but for him. I was terrified kids would make fun of him. I remember in middle school when I was overweight I heard many comments. 

Well look at him now!
He turned my fear into JOY and no one makes fun of him - he wins a Cutest Baby contest against "typical" babies!!!!! I'm just so amazed by him!!!!!!  He can say Momma and Dada!!!!  He babbles all the time!!!!  On January 15th he sat up for the longest time (23 mins) and played with me.  He Amazed me the next day by figuring out on his own how to push himself up to sit all by himself!!!!!  
He is such a ROCKSTAR!!!!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your story and Johnathan's photo.The most gorgeous smile ever! He exudes life, love, cheekiness and character. I'm not surprised he won the contest, he is adorable x

  2. What a story and what a smile! Wonderful things to come!

  3. He certainly is a gorgeous lil fella and his smile sure can light up a room :0)

  4. He truly is a beautiful boy. x

  5. This baby can change the world!! So cute and adorable!!!

  6. He is a rockstar! This photo would brighten anyone's day. :)

  7. Pure sunshine! Love him! Enid xx


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