Readers' Stories - Katherine Routley

Katherine forwarded this poem, written by her sister when their daughter Megan was born. It certainly brought tears to my eyes, and will yours too...

Mia and Megan

Dearest Megan…. With Love

In September 2011,
A gift from up above,
Was sent down to us from heaven,
To cherish and to love.

You were born quite unexpectedly,
Though a wonderful surprise,
That After 9 long months of waiting,
You now lay before our eyes.

A precious new sister for Mia,
A beautiful new daughter too,
A gift to my wonderful sister
That no one deserves more than you.

A perfect little package,
With 10 fingers and 10 toes,
As small as baby Annabelle!
With a tiny button nose!

We were told that you are special,
Maybe different from the rest,
But of course we knew that already,
Because to us you are the best!

But it wasn’t to be quite that simple,
For what we were about to hear,
Which was every Drs nightmare,
And every parent’s worse fear.

How could it be you’re so poorly?
When you look so perfect and well?
But the Drs knew what they were looking for,
And that’s how that they could tell.

For to them you were showing some tell tale signs,
That’s you carried the 3rd chromosome,
But to us that didn’t make sense at all,
Did that mean you wouldn’t come home?

Of course we know now, that it didn’t mean that,
And we now know just what it means,
Because Trisomy 21 makes you special,
Due to something in your genes!

And although things weren’t as expected, 
And at first we all felt afraid, 
but who are we to question,

The choice’s that God has made.

For he gave to us an angel, 
so precious and so sweet, 
and we will thank him each and every day, 
for the fact that we all could meet.

Megan, you are our angel,
And you are the love we adore,
You may need us more than ever its true,
But we will certainly need you more.

We will turn our times of sorrow 
Into happy times at last,
The crying and the heartbreak, 
Will soon become memories of the past.

We'll look forward to the future, 
and the milestones that it holds, 
we'll battle all the up and downs,

As they each unfold.

You were sent here for a reason, 
it was clear right from the start,

You will be loved forever and ever,
From the bottom of our hearts.


  1. Gosh what a fab poem! A real tear jerker!I love the line about how Megan needs them but 'they' need her more too.I think anyone who has had a child with special needs knows that to be oh so true!
    I always say mine has taught me a million times more then I could ever teach him xxx

  2. That's beautiful x

  3. Caroline that is simply beautiful, just like Megan xx


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