Judging the SWAN Blog Awards

Renata over at Just Bring The Chocolate asked me if I would sit on the judging panel of the SWAN UK Blog Awards in this, their first year.

For those of you that don't know, SWAN means Syndrome Without a Name, and their are many children, SWANs who simply don't fit into any recognised medical box, the cause of whose symptoms and conditions remain a mystery.

This brings many challenges for parents, not least lack of support, constant battles, but also in some cases a sense of suspicion from medical professionals who cannot rule out an environmental cause. I cannot imagine dealing with the challenges of my child's condition and also feeling that others thought it might be in some way my fault.

SWAN UK provides incredible support for these families, and this year have hosted a blog awards to raise awareness of what they do.

The categories are:

I am currently reading through the top 5 posts in each category to decide on the winners, which is an incredibly difficult job I can tell you. There is laughter, tears, goosebumps and a lump in my throat, as well as inpspiration by the bucketload. What an incredible honour to share such heartfelt stories.

We'll keep you posted when the results are out. But for now, why don't you hop over and read the finalists posts. It'll be time well spent I can tell you.

H x


  1. Oooh I'm in there!

    Can I bribe you with chocolate? Odd socks?

    Joking of course, some amazing posts.

    1. I know Kylie, I know :)) and Prosecco, possibly ;)
      So many incredible posts and wonderful to see my faves in their too.
      Hope to see you very soon darling. x


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