Camerawoman NattyG presents her family

I really wanted to leave you on a Friday with a giggle. A light-hearted laugh. An antidote to all the parliamentary shanannigans and serious SEN articles and so on.

Well this week, when we returned home from Mia's school play, all on a high and singing proudly, full of jollity, Natty decided she would like to take some photos of the family.

We were all in the kitchen, just scoffing a late supper before bed. After all, you can't do a school play that finishes at 7.30 without celebratory chips afterwards can you....

Anyway, Daddy Downs Side Up gave Natty his phone and she began snapping away.

First she came up with this

then this

and finally this

Aren't they lovely? And very well taken Natty I must say.

Well then the little photo button must have slid across to video. We were all oblivious and carried on our happy dancing, whilst tidying the kitchen in readiness for bed, and posing for Natty's snaps in between.

When we looked at the results afterwards, this is what we found. Hilarious little 3 second clips of Natty's world. I have to admit that after watching them all, I was laughing so hard that I had to jiggle cross-legged to the loo. Maybe you just had to be there, or maybe you'll find it funny too. Bear in mind we all thought she was taking stills...

I bring you, Natty's camerawork: Clip 1, My Sister Mia
aka Animal from the Muppets

My Daddy and Mummy posing.
Haha, I had them fooled.

Mummy didn't know I took this one. 
Check out her moves!

And the one that made Mummy laugh so hard she cried:
Mummy folds a tea towel and poses for the camera whilst dancing.

Enjoy your Easter weekend! Much love from the Downs Side Up team x


  1. Well she is a talent! Move over David Bailey! Lol ;) thanks so much for linking up to Wot So #Funee :))) p.s. it's Thursday, but it's a bank hol so same bloody thing eh! Tee hee xxx

    1. Ooops, yes! Felt like a Friday. Look forward to reading more of your funees. Ps, love the poem!

  2. I just love that you dance with a tea-towel. Disco accessory, or just a great multi-tasker?
    Thanks for joining in with Wot So Funee? It made me giggle. Sorry to be late commenting, I was away last week and just catching up now :)


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