Reader's Story by a teaching assistant

We are featuring a reader's story every day between the middle of Feb and the end of March to celebrate World Down's Syndrome Day 13. We've had so many wonderful celebratory stories and today's is no different.
Sent in by a teaching assistant, bursting with pride and enthusiasm about the benefits of Makaton.
Here is her story about the moment she first saw that signing pay off:

Hi, I met you and Natty a month or two back. 

I thought I would share with you my short story. 

I work in a nursery where a child with Down's Syndrome started, we all learnt some Makaton signing but mainly signed when we sang.

However, one day I was outside with a few children reading some books, then out came our little one with DS. They stood there watching and I started to sign a few words and their face lit up as if to say 'someone else is in my world'.

I can still picture and feel the goosey bumps two years on and still have a lovely relationship with them.

I thought you may like to hear about it as this moment then sparked a whole University essay on Down's Syndrome. 

Anonymous xxx

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