Interview with Natty G and Mummy

On Friday night Natty was awarded her Local Hero Award for Child of Courage or Achievement of the Year. We are still, quite frankly, riding very high on the emotions of the night.

Here is the little interview clip Natty and I made a few days before the glitzy ceremony. She makes me howl with laughter as she sets out her showing off skills. Thank goodness they left out her answer to 'Tell us about Mummy?'
The little minx said I had a 'Smelly bottom'.

I can assure you that isn't true.


It was all very last minute and a bit short notice (as you can see by my appalling hair!) but I hope we managed to work our positive magic anyway.

H x

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  1. Fantastic, brilliant, marvellous! Well done to you all!

    The thing about the smelly bottom, is that for us readers, it's a question of your word against Natty's.


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