Coffee with Liz from DSRF UK

The beauty of living in Cornwall is that lots of people pop down here for their holidays during the summer. That has recently begun to include online contacts and friends and I've been delighted that they want to give up a portion of their holiday to meet up in real life.

Elizabeth Corcoran who heads the charity Down Syndrome Research Foundation UK and I met up in our favourite café, along with Daddy Downs Side Up, Mia and Natty on Saturday morning. We have chatted online, it was Elizabeth who put me forward to give evidence in Westminster re the current Disability Abortion Law but we had never met, as she gave her evidence online and by post.

Elizabeth has a younger brother who has Down's Syndrome and her charity aims to channel funds into medical research to improve the lives of those with T21. The sad fact is that the majority of research into DS currently focusses on the testing and screening process. Elizabeth and her team would like to see that balance changed in favour of studies into preventing dementia, improving cognitive function, maintaining a healthy heart and so on.

Well, Liz was one of those ladies it was so easy to get on with. We chatted away about current and future projects, hopes and fears, family and work, supporting each other, oh, and of course managed to fit in the obligatory funny face photos, instigated by Natty who immediately fell in love with her.


  1. Ahh Hayley so kind thanks for spreading the word about the DSRF UK and the work we do ( and for the cake too though!). Natty and Mia are so sweet, it was great to meet you all!
    Liz x

  2. I was searching for a "like" button:) Totally agree with DSRF's agenda: policy makers and "fund-controllers" should really be focusing on the *important* things - how to improve the lives of children & adults with DS.

  3. Suzanne McCloud8 July 2013 at 12:22

    Lovely pictures and what a lovely time it looks like you all had! x


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