Proud Mummy Moment

I will try not to brag but....
(we are really very proud and need to celebrate.)

Natty came rushing home clutching 2 precious sheets of paper yesterday.
On one she had written the entire alphabet, independently, for the very first time:

On the other she had written random numbers up to 15 on the whiteboard as the teacher had asked her to:

Now every child develops at their own pace and has strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Natty just happens to love writing, tracing and copying, so we harnessed this. That said, this process has taken all school year to master, using Jolly Phonics actions to start with, then Ruth Miskin picture flash cards to visualise each letter with a writing action and lots of sensory activities, drawing in the air and on backs too.

Read our Tips for Writing here for more information on seating, pencils and activities to try.

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