Natty for Face of Kinder 2013

I know that ad inclusion is a very important part of what we campaign for here at Downs Side Up. Natty and a team of others across the UK have been getting their faces into catalogues, brochures, websites, films and commercials, showing the world a different kind of beauty, acting as role models for others and encouraging the the PR teams to look at representing every one of us in their marketing strategies. Read about the pioneers who are changing attitudes here

I have to admit though that writing around to companies and attending castings was a very time consuming process, but happy in the knowledge that increasing numbers of companies were opening their modelling criteria to those with disabilities and others parents were forging ahead, I guess I relaxed the pressure a little. I also found myself caught up in other writing and media campaigns which took all my focus.

We decided not to go all the way to London for a recent Boden casting and were on holiday when Urban Angels needed someone for an ad, but we were excited to see our friend Kostas in the latest Co Op commercial. There is also a new model Julius hitting the headlines in Australia and a little boy Adam in Ireland is working for Marks and Spencer so it is happening.

But actually I am left wondering if companies really are employing a long term policy of inclusive advertising, or simply engaging in one offs for whatever reason...

So, I shall start looking around for more modelling opportunities for Natty, our model with Down Syndrome. Locally as far as possible, as it can be slotted into our day so easily that way, taking little away from school time. If everyone did a little bit here and there for a local tourist attraction or shop or company we could cover the country in a network of inclusive advertising. 

For now we've entered Natty into the Face of Kinder 2013 competition. If you would like to vote for her you can do so here. (Vting has closed).

Just type Natty (there's only one) and follow the instructions. It takes around a minute.  You can vote for as many children as you like, so enter your child too and we can all vote for each other's children.

So go on, dust off your keyboards, get voting and get writing to those companies! 

Together we can make a difference and get disability into the media.


  1. Back in 2010 a 4 year old girl won the Kinder Competition.

    1. Thank you for the link. I had heard that on the grapevine. Let's keep at the coalface, working away. Wouldn't it be great to see a child with a disability win in the UK too.

  2. Hi Hayley, I'm Yashmita from South Africa and I have a little girl, Dhiya with Down Syndrome. In South Africa I have not seen a single ad with children with disabilities in it. Pity the competition is restricted to the UK.

    1. Pleased to meet you Yashmita. Our daughter Natty began modelling after I wrote to lots and lots of local companies. Eventually one said yes after many nos :)
      There are models in the USA, Australia, UK and Ireland that I know of. Let's cover the world with our kids' beauty.
      H x

  3. Oh well done to Natty - will vote and share.

    1. You are so very kind darling. Just home from hospital with Natty to find that you were spreading the word. Much love H x


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