Humiliatingly Glorious MADSday

This evening sees the blogworld's version of the Oscars. The star-studded MADS takes place in a swish hotel. We've all dug out/ panic bought some finery and they will ply us with exquisite food and a little wine and then the excitement of the awards, recognising the excellence of the work of everyone present.

Well if you all think that sounds like my life is one long glamorous party, let me bring you down to earth quick sharp.

This morning just after hubby had left the house I began 'my eblutions'. I had settled comfortably on the loo to check my emails on my phone (we all do that, right?) when the house phone rang. At 8am it could only be my husband. 

'Get the phone Natty darling.'

Natty picked up the radio phone in our bedroom. 

'Hello yes. Yes. It's Natty.'

'Is it Daddy?' I called from the smallest room in the house.


Her little bare feet pattered into the room as she continued into the handset, 'Mummy is doing a poo poo.'

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the phone. 

'Er, Mrs Goleniowska, it's medical Delivery Services. I have a toilet step for Natty. Will you be there for the delivery?'

There was no point trying to bluff or explain or dig myself in deeper. 

'Yes, someone will be here.' My voice echoed in only the way a tiled bathroom can allow.

Humiliation complete.


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does their emails in the toilet ;o) Good luck for tonight and have a fabulous time x

    1. Phew! Seems to be the only place I get a few minutes undisturbed!

  2. Oh God. I'm so glad I didn't read this yesterday before I saw you! Oh the humiliation!

  3. It is NOW Michelle, but at the time I nearly died. Luckily I was out when he arrived!

  4. Ha - you can always rely on children to bring you back down to earth! I was horrified when my husband answered his phone on the loo once - not to me, but to a future employer ringing to tell him he'd been successful at interview. The echoes would have made it obvious where he was, but he was oblivious to the embarrassment!

    1. Oh me oh my! Maybe it's a man thing, they do wee communally after all!
      Thanks for popping by x

  5. Ah, you can always rely on your kids to embarrass you :) And, regarding emails in the loo - no, it's definitely not just you :) #wotsofunee

  6. Hahaha! Honesty isn't always the best policy ;) x

  7. Ha ha, thats fantastic :-)I think I'd have hung up ;-)

  8. Would have been tempted to say 'yes I should be finished be then' ;) xx


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