My Story of Mum #SoMum

The wonderful Pippa at Story of Mum is asking us all to join her in thinking about our identity as women and mothers with her online and travelling exhibition. 

You can join online or go to an exhibition near you. 

Last night I met a wonderful group of women for an uplifting evening that fed my soul, as we shared our stories, hopes, fears, dreams, guilts, sadnesses and envies, and remembered who we were at the core of our beings. Yes, there were tears. But there were giggles and smiles in buckets too.

We completed the phrase 'I am a mother and a...' banners and took part in wonderful poetry workshops and other craft activities, then listened to our versions of what we all had in common - motherhood.

I made a little film for the exhibition, as many of you have already done. In 10 photos and just 20 seconds of monologue each (or thereabouts) I told my Story of Mum. Please watch here:


Now complete this simple phrase:
I am a mother and a... 


  1. Oh Hayley, have been meaning to comment on this for the past 4 days and it has been a whirlwind of exhibition stuff and work. Thank you so much for sharing your story so powerfully at the exhibition Make Date and here - it was an honour and pleasure to have you with us, and I'm so glad that your story is being shared further. Thank you for all that you do xx

    1. Thank you for bringing us all together in such a powerful way Pippa. Our shared experiences are incredible.

  2. Wow Hayley, that video is so powerful, I loved hearing your voice. Mich x

  3. That is such beautiful video with lovely words. You are a star, and you deserve to be GiGi instead of Granny :)


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