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We've always loved Netbuddy, (not least because they have FABULOUS taste in models daaaarling), but because they were my one stop shop for those Natty-is-driving-me-to-distraction-by-refusing-to-let-me-brush-her-hair moments we all have.

Well, they are still just as fabulous, but they are now going to be hosted under the Scope umbrella. Same great support, new home.

Netbuddy are to become part of a new Scope online community

Want a tip? Check out Scope’s new online community

The disability charity Scope has launched a new online community for disabled people and parents of disabled children to connect and share practical support.

Visitors to the new community can follow discussions on the forums and tag topics they’re interested in, as well as share information they’ve found useful on social media.
They can also search for practical ideas from hundreds of tried and tested tips on everything from travel to technology, all contributed by people with first-hand experience of disability.
The tips, which are organised into easy-to-find categories, such as Food and Eating or Equipment and Aids, also include a ‘Submit your tip’ option for community members to add their own comments and ideas.  They are part of an initiative started by social networking site Netbuddy, which merged with Scope earlier this year.
Helping to run the community is a team of volunteers – disabled people, parents and professionals, committed to making the site friendly and supportive. Heather Harvey, who’s 13-year old son Nicholas has autism and learning disabilities, is a parent ‘champion’ who believes talking to others in the same situation can be incredibly helpful.
“A lot of parents don’t know where to start when they find out their child is disabled,” she says. “They don’t know what support is available, what they’re entitled to or what to do when they can’t access the help they need.
“I like helping other parents. It’s rewarding to give people hope when you’re able to say, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve come out the other end.”
Scope Community Manager, Alex Hazell said: “Disabled people and parents of disabled children have a fantastic wealth of experience, knowledge and skills. We hope our new community will give people an opportunity to pass on what they’ve learned to others who can benefit.”

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