How to make the Role of Mary your own: Natty's nativity special

Natty played Mary in the wonderfully inclusive school nativity and church Christmas services this year. This is a post that needs few words, for the pictures tell Natty's touching yet hilarious version of the nativity story by themselves...

Mary was serene...

and filled with love.

Despite a bad back during pregnancy...

she lavished the greatest of care on baby Jesus.

She celebrated his arrival with a wiggly dance...

and celestial song...

and sacred Makaton signs.

She mixed firm discipline...

with jazz hands...

and everlasting joy!

We laughed as much as we cried, and left with smiles on our faces, replacing the uneasy emotions in our hearts that the Nativity Star Revealed in the lead-up to this symbolic occasion.

Happy Christmas!


  1. Fantastic pictures so glad that your evening was filled with such Joy ! God bless, and Happy Christmas to you all xx

  2. sharing sharing sharing .. glorious photos, lovely interpretation and a truly remarkable family ... Happy Christmas to you all x

    1. And to you too darling. Thank you and here's to meeting in 2014 again xxx

  3. Lovely photo's and great captions too! Big WELL DONE to Natty from us all :) x

  4. I started off with an AHH, then a HAHA, then an AWH, then more HAHA's....then I was nearly in tears! I wish I had been there. What a wonderful Mary, Natty made. Happy Xmas Hayley to you Bob, Mia and darling Natty xxx

  5. I LOVE this!!!!!!! She is a very beautiful girl and a perfect choice for Mary. Well done Natty you've really made me smile xx


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