What's on your bedside table?

What are you reading, trying to read, promising to read or wanting to re-read with eyes afresh?

What are you dipping into from time to time, or are so engrossed in you can't put it down?

Are you a Kindle or a paperback person?

Here's what's piled up on my bedside table, my Downs Side Up reading list if you like...

A Minor Adjustment - Andy Merriman
A book that changed my thinking on parenting a child with Down's syndrome when Natty was a baby. Humour and tears all roll into one. Read my interview with Andy here. I now want to read the book again, 7 years on, to see if my thinking has shifted.

Mongol - Uuganaa Ramsay
A book that paints a beautiful picture of life in Mongolia, and more crucially challenges our thinking of the word Mongol, and how it came to be used as an insult. You can purchase from Uuganaa's website Mongol Memoires.

Wonder - R J Palacio
The award-winning story of the world through the eyes of a young man with a facial disfigurement.

Sworn Secret - Amanda Jennings
I first met Amanda on a beautiful beach many miles from here... she is now a Twitter friend and very generous supporter of Down's syndrome charities. Her debut novel has been a smash hit! Give it a whirl, it's my treat when I want to escape all things SEN.

Standing Up For James - Jane Raca
Jane is another amazing woman. We met at a Mencap reception at No.10 (like you do). A campaigner, legal expert and author, writing about her fight for her son James who suffered brain damage at birth. Visit her site Standing Up for James here.

With a Little Help from my Friends - Michelle Daly
Michelle began helping to care for Marie, a 5 year old with complex disabilities when she was but a teenager herself. She went on to become the UK's youngest single woman to obtain legal guardianship. This is their incredible tale. Visit Michelle's inspiring blog Warrior Mums here.

All About US! - Brian Rix
Thank you Lloyd for sending me this fascinating history of learning disability and the origins of Mencap.

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  1. I listened to Wonder on audible and I loved it! It is brilliantly written and so completely heart-warming. It tells the story from the point of view of various characters' which means you get a fully rounded story, not just sentimental. Great!

  2. Your books look so neat! You've made me want to go and take a pic of the almighty stack I have next to my bed... but I may be too embarrased about the dust layer on top... :( !!

  3. I think I had better get reading these and some of the others on your Pinterest account. If there is anything else you could recommend for a student OT I'd be very grateful. Thanks, Josie


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