A Charming Time in Sharm

When Natalia was born, and we received the unexpected diagnosis of Down's syndrome, I remember clearly, as if it were yesterday, the very first thought I had. 

It was that we would never again be able to go on holiday. 

We both love travel and had been all over the world before we had children. While Mia was small we had stayed within Europe, but I had always dreamt of taking our children far and wide, on treks and camps and safaris once they were old enough, to experience the differences and various cultural treats the world has to offer.

Now don't ask me why I had this ridiculous notion, or what my reasoning was. There was no logic involved, I just remember thinking that we would be virtually housebound with our daughter.

OF COURSE I was wrong, and once Natty had had her heart surgery at two years, and had been given the all clear from her cardiac consultants, we were off. Mauritius, Jamaica, Norway, Sweden, Menorca. Read our Top Tips for Travel here. 

Just last week we returned from an extremely impromptu trip to Sharm el Sheikh.

We'd been awaiting an updated passport for Mia and decided to simply get away somewhere warm as soon as it arrived. 
That proved to be trickier than it sounds, and the only available option was Egypt and it turned out to be rather more of an adventure than we were bargaining for. 
Usually ones to plan every last detail of our trips, this really was flying by the seat of our pants!

But good times were had by all. There was no wi-fi, such a blessing in disguse, and the perfect excuse to really switch off and bond as a family.

The girls spent the entire week outdoors in the fresh air and moderate sunshine. Any traces of snot melted away, their skin glowed and they seemed to grown before our eyes, like well tended tomato plants. 

They ate well, swam, ran, made friends, melted the hearts of all the locals, and slept like logs when they finally dropped.

They had our full attention, and we ate and cuddled and played together without interruptions. They are both such fun company now, as they grow into young women. There were henna tattoos and sand art and haggling for gifts and giant colourful fish spotting, a trial of snorkelling and way too much ice-cream.

The routines went out of the window, and they stayed up late every evening. 

Memories were certainly made, and what more can you ask of a vacation.

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