Dad's Sports Day Disaster!

It really wasn't meant to end this way

It began with pride and smiles
Parent chats, catching up, tall stories were told

Together we clapped and cheered as our little ones ran, skipped, Hopped, tumbled, stumbled, fell, recovered and hurtled the finish line 

Some held hands
Helped each other in spirit
Congratulated and competed

Cheers and laughter
Tears too
Pride at Natty, one of the gang, last over the line but wearing the Biggest smile 

She aimed precisiely at the targets
Threw hoops over a pole
Jumped and ran and skipped her little heart out

Some parents joked of their competitive streaks that flared
Others recalled humiliation and embarrassment
Memories of never being picked

Yet all together now we stood on that village green
Inclusion at its best

I graciously ducked out of the mum's race
Wrong footwear was my excuse!

Not a single elbow or trip
Could be detected to fell an adversary this year
All good clean fun

Now the dads
'Go on daddy'
'Yes, do' I urged.

A simple course, designed to calm their verve
Don a skirt, a netball top, then rouge the lips
Return to base and tag next man

Our entrant was off, then suddenly slowed, one foot in the floral elastic.
Too busy giggling through the viewfinder to see
Oblivious to his not insignificant injury
I laughed off his pleas 'I've hurt my leg'
'To A&E I must go'

Back home the swelling clear
A call
A warning
Deep vein thrombosis, not a funny risk
So off we went
Crutches, ice, elevated pillows
Tea and sympathy for being black and blue

A torn calf muscle
Not such a funny souvenir
Of one of the most important days
Of Natty's school year

You might also like to read Sports Day Sunshine and follow Natty's successes in all the events she took part in last year. 

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