An Outstanding Award for MADs Down Syndrome Blogs

My raw emotions captured by Tom Arber 

6,500 blogs were nominated

Over 25,000 votes were cast

On Friday night the winners of the 
MAD Blog Awards were announced

Outstanding Contribution Awatd for Downs Side Up and a Best Food Blog Awards (pictured here) for Frugal Queen 

My Mad Blog Awards Poem

For once no nerves on that blissful, quiet train ride 
No child to placate, no "mummy"s to field
No speeches to deliver or media to court
This adrenaline-free trip, a treat for me

Soaked deep in scented bubbles, bathed to a prune
Heavenly! Decadent room service and a little fizz
As I planned what to wear, how to scrub up
A #post40blogger, remembering what it's like

A time to hug online angels who lift and carry
Technical tips for the bewildered, counter the trolls 
Who comfort, share, advise and support
My collaborative online family

So very proud to be chosen, heard, read
So very humble to witness the power of our words
So very determined to keep our community going
So many thoughts in my head, my heart swelled

Such diversity danced before me
Pregnant, gay, special needs, Mums, Dads too
The PR gurus and those with a message
My original motivation rose to the fore:

Support for new parents and
Stem the fear of Trisomy 21

And as the tribute film rolled
So sprang forth the tears
The sobs, wracking, shaking, wrapped in guilt and love
So much more than a glass award

The trophy I want remains far from grasp

I clutched Dr Ranj as he whispered that he understood
His words of encouragement; to keep up the pace 
To never give up trying

To get the world to embrace, accept and include
Not seek to eradicate or hide from view

Thank you Dr Ranj for your encouragement


So very proud to know and work alongside every one of these finalists. And huge love to Team Honk for shining the way, and drawing us all in to your fabulous fundraising. 

Outstanding Contribution Bloggers

This award recognises that blogger who has contributed most to their community, through campaigning, charity work and practical support, and was sponsored by Thorntons. These are bloggers nominated by their peers and winners were chosen by the judges.
Mammasaurus/Team Honk

The MADs Outstanding Contribution Bloggers take to the stage

With special thank you to:

Sally Whittle and sponsors Parentdish for putting so much effort in to a fabulous evening. 

All my fellow Outstanding Contribution finalists who work so tirelessly to change the world in so many ways.

The Royal Garden Hotel for making me so welcome (and giving me a cheeky upgrade.)

My dinner neighbour, Tim from Halfords (and apologies for making him cry get something in his eye whilst eating his panacotta).

To Mummy Barrow for holding my hand.

Fellow Team T21 bloggers Tom from the Futures Rosie and Sarah from Don't Be Sorry for also striving to make the world a better place for those with Down's syndrome. Congratulations to both for winning awards, Best Blog, Best Writer and Best Newcomer respectively!

CBeebies Dr Ranj for quite simply being incredibly supportive, remembering my name from last year, reading my letter to Richard Dawkins and, despite the bouncy exterior, and ambidextrous eyebrows, being seriously genuine and absolutely 'getting it'.

To Spewing Mummy for sharing a taxi ride from Paddington and educating me further about HG.

To My Two Mums, Skint DadChris Mosler, Gammon and ChipsMerrily Me, Suzanne, Rachel Edwards and Steph Curtis for making my trip unforgettable. 

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