Pulling Together for Team T21: a Linky

What a month it has been for us all... 

Team T21 pull together in the face of adversity

First the shocking Gammy story that deepened and darkened the more facts were unearthed.

An abandoned twin with Down's syndrome, a surrogate mother in a foreign land, and a father convicted of sex offences.

Then Dawkinsgate in the wake of the comments by the atheist scientist who claimed that it was 'immoral' to continue with a pregnancy after a diagnosis of Down's syndrome. His subsequent apology added serious insult to injury to those who read it. 

Then we hear our government is trying to deport a young man with Down's syndrome back to Lebanon as his parents have died. He needs support and will not be able to look after himself. You can sign the petition to prevent this cruel action here

It's been emotional for us all. The anger and upset that these stories cause leaves us tired and sometimes feeling as if we have an impossible mountain to climb as we seek to change the world.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and I for one have been overwhelmed by how these shameful stories pull our community together. How much closer we all become at times like this, holding hands around the world. I was heartened by how many graceful and eloquent blog posts have been written, and indeed read on the subject. How they also crystalise thinking for others who may not have considered our lives before, but who end up reading our words and understanding more about Trisomy 21.

There have been positive stories in the media too. Jessica Skelton passed 6 GCSEs, started a job and hit the headlines, and a brilliant guest presenter who has Down's syndrome lit up our screens on the comedy show The Last Leg.

So please add your life-changing words of wisdom, your positive pearls to lift us all, or your rants you need to get off your chest. Please link your Down syndrome blogs to the September #TeamT21 linky.

Then, do try to read one or two others that are linked up. It's so very lovely when you get a blog visitor and a supportive comment. As ever I will share all the posts as often as I can. 

What a team! Thank you all. 
H x

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