On Life and Friendship for a SEND Parent

It's a funny old thing life and friendship 

Life and friendship: Quality over quantity 

Unexpected news that shocks you to your core

Your world is over
Time is frozen
Or is it?

People are afraid. To approach. To speak. To congratulate

But here is the beauty of this beast
The wheat has sorted itself from the chaff
The true friends have stayed, shone forth

Those who don't, can't, ever get it 

Will be blown on the wind
Embarrassed, awkward
Focussed on superficialities that you now see through a crystal clear lens

Your heart will bleed

Anger and hurt will fill your mind
But the fog will clear
And you will know the freedom

You are the lucky one

No niceties to endure no small talk, 
For there is no time
And you are better off

Your child is the looking glass, 

the answer
the litmus
a sieve

You are distant sometimes, private, hidden

To all but a core of the most precious friends
Soulmates and aides of quality over quantity

What more could anyone ask?

Written through the tears after reading the nominations received for Downs Side Up in the National Diversity Awards.
Thank you to those that have stuck with our family through thick and thin, to those who have supported, bolstered, understood, held us afloat and sometimes glued us back together.

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