Just when you thought they'd Let It Go, Frozen is back!

Frozen is back!

Natty isn't willing to Let this Lego castle Go

Just when you thought they'd Let It Go... 

Just when your sanity was returning and you were able to get your children to focus on anything other than snowmen and icy siblings...

Just when you'd freed yourself from the repetitive ear worm blasting out sugary tunes in your head 24/7...

Just when the teensy weensy bits of themed Lego had been matched together and set on a shelf for all to see as a testament to your patience and skill as a parent.

Just when Natty had enjoyed the Perfect Day with an Olaf-adorned cake on her birthday. A fiddle faddle indeed, but another notch on my novice's rolling pin...

Just when you've pushed the Anna lunch box to the back of the cupboard. The Sven pencils have been lost under sofas and beds and the Snowdrop-encrusted mug is in Daddy's office.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Just when your children had stopped protesting when there weren't any clean blue clothes to wear, or moaning about the lack of snow because they wanted to Build a Snowman or, worse still assigning everyone in the family Frozen characters' names and you always being the one that gets lumbered with the title of Hans (or is that just me?)... 

And just, when you thought they had all Let it Go, and for the first time in forever you were enjoying frost-free time with your children... They announce a Frozen 2! 

Yep exhausted parents, brace yourselves for a re-freeze.

You can run and you can hide, but there is no escaping it's clutches. 

So if you can't beat 'em, you'd better join 'em.

Practising literacy skills in her new Frozen dress

Life's Too Short, as they sing. And there is a part of me that loves seeing our girls enjoy something so much. The best way for Natty to learn is via something she is passionate about, so we turned Frozen to our advantage, gave her addition sums with snowmen, bought simple Frozen reading books, and practiced our speech and language as princesses.

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