Swapped at Birth Because he has Down's syndrome

About 10 days ago I received an impassioned plea from a trusted online friend, Daniel Vais who works at the amazing inclusive dance group Culture Device Dance Project. Sarah Gordy is one of their most famous dancers and their productions are legendary.

Could you help Ahmed, swapped at birth and now a refugee?

The email cut straight to the point. Money was needed to help a little boy with Down's syndrome, born in Syria and swapped at birth for cash. A midwife made the swap without the other baby's mother's knowledge. She is now wracked with guilt and very ill herself. The 'adoptive mother' has just learnt of the situation.

Four years on and Ahmed is living in Lebanon, in a camp very close to the front line. He is having seizures and is suffering in the cold conditions of the camp.

Ahmed's cheeky face and dark brown eyes looked out of the computer screen and grabbed my gaze. He reminded me so much of our Natty at the age. What could we do?

Daniel went on to say that he and a close friend on the ground, Lynn Tabbara, who is a philanthropic volunteer from London, were raising money to get him the medical attention her needs, and, at his mother's request, fund a pace at a nearby special school. The school is around 30 minutes away, so a little safer, warmer, yet within reach so his 'adoptive mother' could visit him. There he would get the support he needs.

Journalist and friend Victoria Lambert agreed to run the story in the Sunday Telegraph, to draw attention to Ahmed's plight, and I am pleased to say that the funds are now coming in.

Could you help Ahmed? Could you give a few pounds to help a little boy abandoned twice, once for his extra chromosome and then as a refugee. You can make a donation here.

For my part I am daily left astonished by the misunderstanding and disregard for those who have Down's syndrome in many parts of the world, where it is still conceivable that it's alright to abandon, sell, segregate and even harm babies such as Ahmed. 

How many Baby Gammys and Ahmeds are there? 
When will the world see the value in every individual?


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