Out of the mouth of Babes

Our children really do have the power to stop us in our tracks with the unique way they view the world don't they? Out of the mouth of babes do we learn...

Beware of the whales!

Sometimes they make us stop and think. Other times they misunderstand a fact we take for granted and the results have us all in stitches. And then again, their honesty can floor us in seconds. 

This week, at bedtime as I was tucking Natty in with her new teddy, I told her how there was only one more day of school before the Easter holidays. Her little face cracked into a wide beam and she squeezed me enthusiastically tight.

I told her that we are going to do lots of fun things during the holidays, that we'd make a list together:

"Like painting and cooking." I said.

"And swings and slides and swimming?" she asked.

"Of course. We'll do lots of things you love. And we'll see lots of friends too. We're going to Wales to see some of Mummy's friends as well."

There was a pause while Natty pulled one of her trademark 'disgusted' faces.


I don't want to. 

I hate Whales. 

They're big and scary. 

And sharks."

Well that certainly was not what I thought she was going to say. So off to the drawing board with explaining certain geographical locations we go. Might just be easier to stick to Cardiff to avoid confusion though. 

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