Frugi Shoot for Downs Side Up Model Natty: Under Wraps

Over three years ago a little model with Down's syndrome burst onto the scene! This was such an important step for inclusive advertising and you can read more about the Pioneers for change here.

Inclusion: Natty and big sister Mia in the Frugi catalogue

During the Easter holidays we were super excited to be asked to return to our friends at Frugi for another photo shoot. 
Kurt and Lucy who run the organic clothing company will always hold a special place in our hearts, for being the first company to say yes to a different kind of beauty without questions, simply because "Natty is just a bubbly little girl, like any other."

The sun shone as we made our way to the most beautiful little farm, the perfect quirky backdrop for the photos.  

All the models and their parents were super. It's more about personality than looks as any model will tell you. They all got on well and the whole afternoon was more like a play date than hard work. 

It was a chilly day, especially for showcasing a Summer wardrobe, but Natty took the job seriously, and wrapped up warmly between each shoot, often in someone else's coat that she had persuaded them to take off for her.

Under wraps: Natty begs, borrows or steals a warm coat between photo shoots

We can't show you any of the gorgeous outfits, it's top secret squirrel you see! But we can show you the face of one very happy model as she left to come home. What you can't see is the huge haul of chocolate in her hand!

Thank you team Frugi for having us, and for a really fabulous day!

Downs Side Up: Model Natty had an amazing time at the Frugi photoshoot


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