Did you tuck in at the Big Lunch?

The Big lunch 2015

Mia and Natty loved creating a pavlova for the Big Lunch 2015

The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours annually on the first Sunday in June in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. Since starting in 2009, thousands of Big Lunches have taken place in all types of communities. In 2014, 4.83 million people took to their streets, gardens and community spaces for the sixth annual Big Lunch.
So yesterday we headed off to our friends People and Gardens, a nursery run by Ken and Lorraine Radford and staffed by a team who all have mental health issues or a learning disability. They were hosting a Big Lunch, together with Pot Luck foodie group.

We had a wonderful sunny afternoon, met new friends and shared the food we had brought. It was a really fabulous testament to community, of inclusion and how far a little food can go when you all pull together and share.

Did you take part in a Big Lunch near you? Look out for one in your neighbourhood next year if you are new to it.

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