A Different Pair of Eyes by Robert Harris

Today I have the enormous pleasure of sharing an incredible poem sent to me by one very proud Mum. Kate's son Robert has written a poem about his sister Shelley's unique worth, and what she brings to his life. I have a lump in my throat. I think you'll love it too.

Protective Siblings: Robert and Shelley Harris

A Different Pair of Eyes A world of sight and sound to share Combined with love and thought and care A wide kind gentle loving stare Through oh so different eyes.
A family so proud and strong That shared between a special bond So many issues overcome Through oh so different eyes. The teenage years that came and went, The hours of time that we have spent, We go so far, to such extent, Through oh, so different eyes. The passing days, the drawing nights, The fear of dawn, so loud and bright, The outside world, shrouded by fright, Through oh, so different eyes. The raging wars, the spread of hate, The torture in so many states, If only the world could see the same, Through a different pair of eyes. A message lost into the crowd, They do not see the tears I cry and voice I speak, volume so loud, Of evil men, with a fake smile, But through a lens I look so proud, My sister’s pair of eyes.

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