Let's see Adults with Disabilities in Advertising?

The tide is shifting. More and more companies are following the lead of household names such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury's and including young models with disabilities in their marketing campaigns. Hoorah!

Seb fronts Marks and Spencer campaign

Natty joins Sainsbury's Back to School Campaign

This week our little Natty's face once more peeked from the pages of Frugi's catalogue, as she advertised a glorious yellow cotton cardigan. 

The organic clothing manufacturer who first signed her up over 4 years ago had come back for more. 

It's wonderful, it's as it should be, and to me it no longer feels like news.

But then, a few months back as I was hosting a round table on diversity and inclusion in blogging, sponsored by Dove UK at the Mumsnet Blogfest my mind got to thinking of those fabulous Dove adverts. The ones where we all see ourselves represented in all our gorgous forms. Where our differences in size, shape and colour are celebrated. Dove are passionate about boosting women's self-esteem which is why they reflect us all in their ads.

Or do they?

Sarah Gordy: model with Down's syndrome +Snooty Fox Images 

I mused about TV actress Sarah Gordy, she's is simply stunning. She is talented and professional. She'd love to branch out into modelling. Sarah also has Down's syndrome. You can read about her work here

And then... PING! The lightbulb moment. 

What's missing is adults with various disabilities on our billboards and our tv screens!

Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to see a woman like Sarah in a mainstream national campaign.  

What do you think Dove UK? Pretty please.

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