5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat More Fruit and Veg

5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat More Fruit and Veg

Encouraging children to eat a healthy diet and pack in their 5 a-day can sometimes be a struggle.  Little ones who are prone to constipation really benefit from several portions of fruit and veg plus plenty of water each day. But just how do you entice them to eat more?

5 Ways to encourage your child to eat more fruit and veg

1 Make a smoothie for breakfast 

Blitz a handful of berries with yoghurt or coconut milk for a refreshing start to the day. We've just invested in a smoothie blender to encourage us all to get a great start to the day.

2 Pop a fruit bar in their tuck or lunch box

Get Fruity with these natural fruit bars

Cereal bars can be enemies in disguise, often packed with salt and added sugar and of course may contain nuts, which are usually banned from school as they pose a danger to children with allergies. 

Natty has a Get Fruity bar every day and with nothing but fruit, oats and coconut oil in them. Naturally vegan friendly and gluten free, I can rest assured that there are no hidden nasties. She loves Juicy apricot, orange and ginger, and the Marvellous Mango flavours the best. You can choose from Radiant Raspberry, Moist Mixed Berry and more.

Locally made, they come in 6 juicy flavours and contain nothing but natural goodness. Natty really enjoys them too, which is a bonus. 

Packed with ingredients that can help little constipated tummies keep on the move. Just big enough to keep her going until lunch without spoiling her appetite as well.

Encourage your child to eat more fruit

3 Make fruit juice ice lollies

Great for when the weather warms up. We have a re-usable silicone mould that we can pour juice into and then store in the freezer. Ta da!

In Winter blitz any number of vegetable into soup, or leave thicker to make a pizza topping or pasta sauce.

4 Buy a bento box or funky cool bag

Grace at Eats Amazing has fabulous ideas for making healthy eating fun

Experiment with fun fruit faces and bring variety to what you offer your child. Pop over to the Eats Amazing blog for ways to make healthy eating fun. Creator Grace also has a shop packed with colourful accessories to turn tuck into tempting art. 

Or try a funky cool bag from Cool Blue Zebra. Our lovely friends at Special Needs Jungle sent us one to brighten our snacks, thank you x

5 Play games with fruit and veg

Try sorting activities, or set up your own makeshift grocery store. Get your child to help prepare meals too. 

Children are also more likely to eat fruit if they have grown it themselves. You can try anything from cress, to tomatoes in a tub, to canes of raspberries, depending on your available space.

Play sorting games with fruit and veg

Get Fruity bars are available from selected Waitrose stores, Ocado, Amazon and on the Get Fruity website.  You can follow their Facebook page here for more fruity fun. 

Get Fruity kindly sent us a box of bars to review. Thank you!

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