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Would your child love to model? Would they like to join the band of diverse models working for ad inclusion? Details of how to get involved below...

Could your little one be a brand rep for Gecko clothing?

The other week the lovely Bex from The Mummy Adventure introduced me to a fabulous, eco-friendy, ethical clothing company for kids called Gecko

It wasn't just their fab clothes she was sticking under my nose, but the fact that they are looking for young models on Instagram. And more importantly they are looking for a wide variety of gorgeous children, including those with disabilities. I'll let Emma from Gecko tell you more...

Greetings! I am Emma, ‘The Gecko’ and co-founder of Gecko Clothing, along with my husband and a whole lot of help from our 3 kids.

We are on the hunt for a range of real kids to represent Gecko. We take our responsibilities super seriously at Gecko; every aspect of our manufacture is ethical and eco-friendly, and we are passionate about representing children. 

We create fun and colourful unisex designs and allow children to choose based on their likes and dislikes, instead of by archaic representations of gender.

A range of real kids represent Gecko

We also feel incredibly passionate about having a beautiful and true representation of children in our media. All kids are beautiful, unique and wonderful and we want to celebrate that! It truly would be a dull world if we were all the same!

We are looking for a variety of children, including those with physical disabilities, sensory impairments and those living with medical conditions, to get involved. 

Gecko Clothing is a young brand and it would be great to have some awe-inspiring little brand representatives that we could watch grow as we do. We want to challenge this ‘social norm’ that under-represents at least 77,000 children in the UK alone; that’s only those registered disabled, not taking into account all the wonderful little people with visible birthmarks, skin conditions and more.

So please get involved and help us get our search out there to people, let’s represent the beauty of real children, all children!

We are specifically looking for Instagram Brand Reps so whilst we would be very happy if you were to share your images on Facebook and Twitter, to enter you will need an Instagram account. 

It’s simple to enter to be a Gecko brand rep. Just follow these 4 steps:

  • Follow us on Instagram @Gecko_Clothing
  • Submit no more than 2 pictures of your little person
  • Tag your picture/#bygecko #geckobrandrep #brandrepsearch
  • Share your favourite @Gecko_Clothing image

Good luck!

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