BBC1 Documentary with Sally Phillips Examines Down's Syndrome Screening

We are proud to have played a small part in this forthcoming important programme.

BBC One announce documentary examining Down’s Syndrome screening

 BY Lisa McGarry
Flashmob celebrations in London with Sally Phillips
Dragonfly has been commissioned by BBC One to produce a one-hour documentary that explores the impact of a new screening test that is said to detect Down’s Syndrome in 99% of pregnancies.

Actor Sally Phillips, who is a mother to a child with Down’s Syndrome, sets out to explore this emotionally charged debate and ask what effect the test could have on our society. Sally asks what the impact of this scientific breakthrough will be on the future of Down’s Syndrome, at a time when the health, life expectancy and wellbeing for people born with the extra chromosome continues to improve.
Earlier this year the National Screening Committee recommended the government make this new genetic screening test for Down's Syndrome available on the NHS. In a world where pre-natal genetic screening is predicted to become routine, this timely documentary asks what is the future for people with disabilities? The discussion will have contributions from experts and supporters on both sides of the debate including children and adults with Down’s Syndrome and leading professors in the field of genetics.

Sally Phillips meets key champions with Down's syndrome 

Emma Loach, Executive Producer at Dragonfly said, “There couldn’t be a more important time to explore the complex moral and ethical dilemmas at the heart of this debate. With developments in the pregnancy screening process and continuing advancements in gene therapy and gene editing, this film sets out to explore all sides of this contemporary issue.”
The one hour documentary is produced by Dragonfly, part of Endemol Shine Group. The Executive Producer is Emma Loach and the Producer/ Director is Clare Richards. It was commissioned by Maxine Watson, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries.

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