UK Blog Award Nominations: Can You Vote for Downs Side Up?

The UK Blog Awards is an industry level event that recognises companies and individuals for the far-reaching and excellent online content they produce. 

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Last year I was not only astonished to be nominated, but astounded to be a finalist alongside many others who are creating real change within the healthcare sector.

As the year hurtled on (here's what we've been up to this Autumn) I received a few emails to say that I had been nominated again this year. I'm not one to chase awards, if your blog changes one person's life it is a success after all, but to know that someone somewhere had thought me worthy of such a nomination and had taken the time to email in means such a great deal to me.

So the voting is now open to the public

Downs Side Up is sitting in the Healthcare section again, I guess because we work with medical professionals training them in sensitive use of language, delivering talks at conferences, helping with dissertations via email, urging more education around ante-natal screening, showcasing the work of LD nurses and teaching the world about Down's syndrome, helping smash the myths that continue as well as supporting new parents. 

Natty delivers a talk to medical professionals at a conference 

If you would like to cast a vote our way (it's all down to numbers in this round) you can do so on the link below, and you can hunt around for your other favourite blogs to vote for too. 

Most of all this is a way to bring more focus onto the issues faced by those with a learning disability, and to create new links with others in the same field. 

Thank you all for your support.

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