The Closest of Friends: Brandon's Poem by Sister Sadé

I was contacted by a very proud sister this week who wanted to share a poem she had written for a very special man in her life.

That man wonderful is Brandon and he is Sadé's brother. 

Together with brother Liam, the three siblings were brought up by an incredible and strong woman. Sandra was a single mum and not only went through the agonising worry of Brandon's heart surgery when he was little alone (and many of us know from experience what a difficult time that is) but also tirelessly pushed him to reach his potential and become the young man he is today. What a role model for us all.

Sadé's poem is written from the heart and says exactly what so many of us feel about our loved ones who have Down's syndrome. The piece was even read out at Brandon's end of school ceremony, as he graduated into college, and apparently there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I can certainly believe it as I too had to dab my eyes as I read it over my morning coffee.

The closest of friends: Sadé and her brother Brandon

I attached the photograph of the poem that Sadé sent me. There is so much beauty in the way she writes, she truly has a natural way with language, speaking straight to our hearts.

Brandon's Poem

Brandon's smiles can have you smiling
Brandon's laughs can have you laughing
Brandon gives hugs when you need a hug
Brandon tells a joke when a joke needs to be told
Brandon is your friend when you need a friend
Brandon is a dancer and will have you dancing
Yes Brandon has a disability
But everyday he shows the ability
The ability to smile and have me smiling
To laugh and have me laughing
To give me a hug when I need a hug
To tell me a joke when I need a joke
To dance and have me dancing
To be my friend... always when I need a friend

by Sadé Degale Roberts

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