Life with Mosaic Down's Syndrome? Self-advocate Claire Minett Explains

I was fortunate enough to meet determined advocate Claire Minett in person last year at the glitzy National Diversity Awards hosted in Liverpool Cathedral. I was aware of her work long before that and she has been a role model for our family for quite some time. Claire lives independently and has educated us greatly about Mosaic Down's syndrome. I feel lucky to call her a friend. So we were enormously excited when Claire agreed to be interviewed for our We Have Down's Syndrome section.

Claire MInett tells us about Mosaic Down's syndrome

What is your typical day like?

My typical day can vary from attending workshops at the local mental health organisation to trying more excerise and a bit of shopping here and there which I don't particularly like.

Do you have any hobbies and how do you relax?

I like going out with my friends and I like to sing Karaoke. I like to watch TV and I watch quite a lot of sitcoms and soaps. I love to watch films too. I go swimming with a friend and doing relaxation classes once a week helps me. I can stress quite a bit over things so I took up knitting and it has helped my depression too. 

I know you have an unusual pet, can you tell us about him?

Claire with her companion, Cat 

Cat is not really unusual, he is just a chocolate brown Syrian hamster. He is my lickle boy and I love him beacause he helps me calm down at the end of the day...

Can you tell our readers what Mosaic Down's syndrome means?

In a person with Down's syndrome (Trisomy 21) all the cells are affected but in someone with MDS not all the cells are affected, hence the word mosaic. It affects me with my comprehension. What is simple to you might be twice as hard for me to learn. I also have an emotional disorder where I can experience a lots of different emotions daily.

You were really entertaining and educational in the BBC 3 short film Things People with Down's Syndrome are Tired of Hearing (watch below). What one thing would you love people to know about living with Down's syndrome Claire?

Down's syndrome is not scary. Don't be afraid to ask. We bring more to the world in a way that others can't.

We met at the National Diversity Awards last year (what an amazing night) but you've done lots of other important advocacy work. What are the biggest projects you've been invoved in?

Claire Minett and Hayley Goleniowska at the
National Diversity Awards 2016

I am a self advocate for the International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association based in America. I go to the conferences to give inspirational speeches for the visiting families. It is my passion to create awareness for my cause.
I'm also a booking agent for the Culture Device Dance Project which is based in London. I help out whenever I can. I'm always creating awareness through different media formats. I have a 2:1 in a media degree.


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