Seeing Life in a New Light after Divorce #AD

Moving on after divorce, with the help of Elesi 

Divorce is tough. Even the amicable ones are hard. 

It breaks hearts, divides families and makes us second guess ourselves. For me, a light went out inside and I didn't laugh, sing or dance for a very long time.

One of the most difficult parts for my girls and I was leaving our beautiful family home and watching it sell and having to start from scratch. The family home was a place filled with memories, the venue for parties and games, stories, hugs, smiles and tears as well as latterly, much unhappiness. This was where they grew up, built snowmen, learned to ride bikes. It was the backdrop for every living memory they had. It's where Natty was actually born almost 15 years ago.

Free... but in need of some decent lighting!

We moved out with very little, but one friend remarked that what we did take was mostly sentimental. Photos, children's art and twinkly lights. We rented a small bolthole for a bit, and three years later have now have moved into our permanent home. 

It's lovely, stable, warm and calm but needs a lot of work. Welcoming 1960s charm is everywhere, it has the feel of a much-loved grandparent's house, but that includes Bakelite electrical fittings, textured wallpaper and quirks like a loo that flushes hot water!  

New beginnings 

SO, when quality lighting company Elesi offered to work with me,.... I jumped for joy. I've never been so happy to receive blog goodies, one thing off my giant list of things to do was buy a selection of beautiful sockets and switches and I've been gifted them in exchange for my time writing this post.

It's time now to make our new house a real home. To sweep away the dust and to let it twinkle and sparkle again. And with our new light switches and sockets, we're on the way to doing that.

High quality sockets, switches, down lighters, wall lights and pendants from Elesi

Thank you Elesi for helping us make a house a home once again. 

The light is truly shining at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel 💡

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