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Down's Syndrome Books for Children

I Can, Can You?  a beautiful photographic board book, by Marjorie W Pitzer

I Love You Natty: A Sibling's Introduction to Down's Syndrome by Mia and Hayley Goleniowska 

Victoria's Day an inspiration photo journal of her daughter's school day, by Maria de Fatima Campos

We'll Paint The Octopus Red a delightful book that helps siblings understand that life with a baby brother or sister with Down's Syndrome will still be all they'd hoped for, by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen and Pam DeVito 

The Best Worst Brother a sequel, showing the usual irritations and loves that all siblings share as they grow, by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Top Secret by Dr Sean Adelman is the inclusive tale of a young girl with Down Syndrome who achieves many things in life, including cracking mysteries. Aimed at older, confident readers. Enjoyed by Natty's older sibling.

Down's Syndrome books for Parents and Carers

A Minor Adjustment  a heart-warming, yet humorous account of parenting a child with Down's Syndrome, by Andrew Merriman (My 5* read).

The Politics of Down Syndrome by Keiron Smith. A concise and fascinating read about inclusion over the years.

Standing Up For James by Jane Raca. One family's story of their fight for support for their son with CP and Autism.

Expecting Adam by Martha Beck

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards, a fictional novel.

The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale, a novel featuring a character with Down Syndrome

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected - A Memoir by Kelle Hampton. Beautiful photographs and a heart-warming text.

Downs: The History of a Disability A must-read history by David Wright

The Silver Mist by Martin Treanor. The main protagonist is Eva, a young woman with DS on a spiritual jouney.


Le Huitième Jour (English: The Eighth Day) is a Belgian 1996 film that tells the story of the friendship that develops between two men who meet by chance. Harry (Daniel Auteuil), a divorced businessman who feels alienated from his children, meets Georges (Pascal Duquenne), an institutionalised man with Down's syndrome, after Georges has escaped from his institution.

Duo featuring the first actor with Down's Syndrome to play a role in a film.

Notes On A Scandal Cate Blanchet and Bill Nighy play parents to a boy with Down's Syndrome

Coming Down A Mountain A tale of brothers, rivalries and jealousies


My short film What to Say When a Baby is Born with Down's Sydnrome

So beautiful it's gone to the top of my list. Indelible is a short film set in India. If you only watch one, watch this one.

Just Like You - Down Syndrome is a beautiful short film that features Rachel, Elyssa and Sam. They teach us about friendships, individual differences and chromosomes in a beautiful and concise way. 

I Love Special Olympics a heart-warming documentary following a group of British athletes competing in the Special Olympics 

The Only Human series showcases a very special hotel, Foxes Academy, staffed entirely by young adults with learning disabilities.

Only Human episode - Channel 4

The Specials is a documentary series following a groups of friends with additional needs who live together.

The Specials web link

Born to be Different is a documentary series which follows the lives of 6 children, each with a different disability.

Born To Be Different


  1. What did you make of the Brittish film 'Coming down the mountain'?

  2. That was a very 'true' film. I recall being amazed by how great the actors with Down's Syndrome were.

  3. Maybe you can put up a link to The Specials under the documentaries, I love this, I watched every episode when Isaac was only a few weeks old, it gave me massive hope that one day he will live an independent life, enjoy stuff like karaoke and just "be" who he needs and wants to be :) you can find it on YouTube and they are on facebook too :)

    1. Thank you! This looks brilliant. Will add a link straight away, then watch :)

  4. We also have a book: Sam's Top Secret Journal, book 1, We Spy. It is the first in a series of 3. It is a Nancy Drew type chapter book where the main character--Samantha-- has DS. Everything that Sam does in the book, our daughter Dev has done in real life. It is meant to inspire and encourage inclusion as a fun read for all kids and families! It is available on Amazon and Barns and Noble. I am also happy to send you a copy :-)

    1. Thank you SO much. This looks amazing. I have pinned onto Pinterest board and am now hopping over to Amazon to buy. Will add above too x

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    1. Hope part 3 will be ready soon! Keep up the good work x


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