Media Parachute Deployed!

The leap into the world of media was text book.  
Alison Smith-Squire's training prepared us perfectly.  Her article was beautifully light and positive.  She formed a shield around our family.
Natty's pictures spoke forth from the pages of the Sun, the most widely-read paper in Britain. (5 million or so I hear). 

"Down's syndrome is not to be feared.  Down's Syndrome is beautiful."

We didn't get snagged on any branches on the way down. 
We weren't swallowed in an abyss at all, we didn't even reach the water.
A parachute deployed itself, and we found ourselves rising on warm winds of love, humbled by the words of encouragement and support from our community, and our wider family within Facebook and Twitter.  
The parachute was clearly instantly recognisable for many.  The nation's media watched it beautifully glide.  They decided to keep it aloft.

Suddenly other national papers, radio stations and magazines are stepping forward, willing to spread our message.
TV appearances are planned.  I have been asked to write for a Paediatric Nursing journal and get involved with midwifery training.  Tweets are flying, in no small part due to the beautiful organic, ethical clothing company Frugi that Natty will be modelling for.  
I think we have stuck a cord people...

We will change attitudes at every level for all those with Down's Syndrome.


  1. The reason Natty is such a bright and happy little girl is down to you as her parents.
    Her face says, "I am well loved" and that's why she shines in her photos.

  2. What a beautiful little girl, and a great positive story too! Love the blog! Emma :)

  3. like like like....been following all the events of the past few weeks with interest and admiration- do hope we can meet in person at easter..:)

  4. She's beautiful. Well done, Natty, and good luck with the modelling.


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