The message is breaking through....

It is time to take a breath and assess how far Down's Side Up has come, celebrate the great things achieved and focus on the end goal.  I have been marching forward on a crusade to change the way the world perceives Down's Syndrome for just under two months now.  Two short months...

If you count one just one friend without a child with Down's Syndrome telling me she has now 'got it', then I have succeeded.

If you count just one new Mum with a baby with Down's Syndrome feeling uplifted, inspired and 'kept going', then all the late nights writing and networking have been worth it.

If you count one friend writing and telling me that she will not repeat the testing she had in her first pregnancy in any future pregnancies, then I have removed the fear from people's minds.

If one lady whose baby with Down's Syndrome was stillborn can bring herself to read my musings, I am deeply humbled.

If you consider that a link to my blog is going to be included in a book used in GP update training, than we have succeeded in gaining the attention of the medical profession.

If you count one Mum telling me how the midwife told her to 'go home and think about whether she wanted to keep her baby', just two short years ago, I know we have a long way still to go.

If you count just one of Natty's classmates Mums telling me that she watched the video of Natty reading and thinks she reads better than her child,  I have gained respect and belief of others in our children.

If you count the face of a child with Down's Syndrome being used to model clothes and market luxury holidays, then I have demystified that extra chromosome. 

If you count appearing in a national Newspaper, read by 5 million Britons daily, then I have spread the word that Down's Syndrome is beautiful.

If my postman squeezes me in a bear hug and tells me he is proud of me, I know we are loved as a family. 

If you count a stranger telling me of a friend who gave her baby up for adoption, whilst crying tears of gratitude for the work I am doing, then perhaps I can hope to prevent other women finding themselves in such a desperate place.

Down's Syndrome is beautiful.  Down's Syndrome is not to be feared.   Down's Syndrome is to be embraced and included.  Please help me spread my word dear friends xxx


  1. Great words of inspiration, wisdom, and encouragement. This is changing the way people view down's syndrome.

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  3. This is a wonderfull and postive message, thank you so much for your devotion to being a voice. The following is a quick comment I posted over at savingdowns about genetic screening.

    In many ways our cause is now emerging as the defining issue for the future of Down syndrome. Like the slavery-abolitionist movement, our community is now envolving into the great defining struggle for the survival of Down syndrome, breaking down the barriers, promoting dignity, and leading change in policy and law to ensure that genetic screening is only used to promote life, not death. For the Down syndrome community, this is the defining issue of our age. I will be thinking and writing about this more as we move forward and I would love peoples thoughts on the way ahead. Everyone in the sector is talking about this, there is a shift happening and we need to move forward with momentum.

  4. Hi! I'm Ty!
    I love that you're counting all of your accomplishments & putting so much focus on the positive...that's the way it should be! That's what my Mom & I do on my blog, too. You rock!
    Keep it up, dude!

  5. That is so moving and so true. I am very proud to be mum to my beautiful daughter who just so happens to be blessed with that extra chromosome. She makes the world a better place and I cannot imagine life without her cheeky smile and lovely hugs. Many people could learn from her determination and ability to take on challenges with a smile. Please keep up the good work. Xx


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