From one Sister to Another: From the Heart

Each of our girls has a scrapbook that we stick memorabilia into. 

Sometimes they go between home and school. It's a casual affair and often we forget to update them.

I opened Natty's yesterday to stick in a piece of artwork and this is what I found (word for word, spelling for spelling). 

I have a lump in my throat typing this up...

Messig From Mia

To Natty

I love you so much
and you are the best sister
in the world and so preshus to me.
You are so important to me
and if you weren't in this world
my life woudn't be the same
and that would be terrible.

So, I love you very much and you mean evrything to me

Lots and lots of love from Mia xxx

And so you see, all my fears for Mia when Natty entered her world, that she would hinder her, hold her back were unfounded. Yes, she takes up a lot of attention sometimes, but we make sure that Mia has plenty of alone time with each of us. Now I can see that the young woman Mia is turning into is caring, thoughtful and sensitive to others. She is always the first to tell schoolmates that 'we are all different'. Read Mia's blog post Mia's thoughts about her little sister Natty here.


  1. Beautiful. My daughter writes similar things (cute spellings and all!) to her younger brother. She is a far more caring girl than any of her classmates and is such an advocate for people with disabilities. Thank goodness for wonderful siblings :)

    1. Yes, I agree, Mia is far more sensitive than her peers and we often call her a 'mother hen'. She can be quoted as saying ' everyone is different' in an argument at school. Very proud x

  2. Beautiful. I am soo glad you shared this Hayley. Asa is 15 weeks old & when he was first born & we knew for definite he has DS, this was 1 of my greatest fears - how it may affect our 2 yr old Emelia. I vividly remember 1 night when Asa was still in the neonatal unit, crying & crying about this... I'm sure others understand. I worry less about it now, but occasionally I do let myself get anxious... So to read this tonight & hear of other siblings that are so tolerant, compassionate, protective & more understanding it really encourages me. Thank you xxx

    1. That's exactly how I was Lizz.
      Mia was 2, Natty in NICU, thinking Mia would be held back, hindered. None of it. Yes, she gets protective and sometimes feels a sense of responsibility that isn't hers, but she is kind and senstitive and caring because of her sister. They argue, love each other, support each other, hug, fight...

  3. Checking your links for BritMums post and I'm so glad I do as this one is utterly beautiful, what a gorgeous caring daughter you have xx

  4. My elder daughter who is 8, wrote a note to her younger sister who is 6 (and has DS) which reads... "To Safina, you are the best little sister in the "hole" wide world. Love from Ammarah xxx No one else like you xxx"


    I too shared those fears that my elder daughter would be somehow damaged by having a sibling with Down's. /how wrong was I.

  5. Excellent heartwarming post. I felt scared/terrified when Amelia was born severely brain damaged 1st June 2013. I'm also worried her 2 year old brother Jack will bully her. Although, I do hope I will be proved wrong. Reading about Mia and how nice/understanding she is gives me hope for the future. I love to hear stories of how the child with extra needs makes families closer- it warms my heart.


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