Natty on ITV Daybreak

Today we will be chatting on Twitter about people with disabilities being represented in advertising and the media in general. Mencap and Seb's Mum will be there too.

As you know Natty models. It is just one spoke in the wheel that is Downs Side Up, more of a talking point for change and a symbol for inclusion society wide than anything else.

Do join us on Twitter between 12 and 2pm if you have a moment and use the hashtag #adinclusion. Let's tell the world how beautiful our children are!

For a little background, I've dug up the DVD of Natty and the rest of the family when we appeared on ITV Daybreak 6 months ago. We chatted about life, chromosomes and cake mainly!
My how she's grown since then and Mia has since grown all her big teeth! We had a suitcase stolen en route to London in the train, so we are rather hastily dressed out of what we had left and a last minute shopping dash to Oxford Street.

Watch out for Natty stealing cake *signs the Makaton for cake*...

(Please excuse the quality, I videoed it from the laptop. I'll work on redoing it.)


  1. Natty looks so cute! I loved your home video, great interview and post.
    btw. Mia is S T U N N I N G! you are going to have to get boys to form orderly queues one day #justsaying

    1. Bless you. It was so long ago and we have learnt so much and come so far with what we say now. Mia has grown into a gorgeous young lady in the last 6 months xxx TY

  2. This is absolutely adorable, some lovely twirling at the beginning of the interview! Especially loved the cake stealing part, well done to all of you xx


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