Teaching Shapes in a Visual Way

Today was Home Education/Flexi Schooling day when Natty and I spend some quality time together and she get undisturbed learning time.

Sadly she had her flu jab this afternoon and came home and chilled out on the sofa, snuggling me. But we had a very productive morning learning about shapes.

Here's what we did for CIRCLES and SQUARES.

1) We went on a treasure hunt around the house (using loo roll binoculars) to look for square and circular objects. We collected them on a tray, saying each word aloud.

2) Natty sorted the objects according to shape, with help.

3) We decide to make a picture with the circles. 
Natty made this caterpillar. I love the eyes!

4) Natty carefully drew around the shapes to make an impression 
of her collage on the paper. Sometimes I held the objects still and guided her hands. Great for fine motor skills development!

5) Natty signed her masterpiece proudly, using her emerging writing skills.

6) Natty stuck her circle painting on the radiator for all to see.

A simple, and virtually free activity any child will enjoy.

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