Natty, model with Down's Syndrome in new catalogue

Natty features in the Frugi Organic Clothing catalogue for the second season, SS13. 

I do believe they are the first company to use a model with a disability more than once in their campaigns. So hats off to them.
Here are a few of the best pictures from the photoshoot, which I think really manages to capture her personality and essence this time around.

I hope you like them. Natty had fun as you can see but of course she is a true ambassador, gently changing perceptions of that extra little chromosome from within hearts everywhere she goes.

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To dee more pictures and read about Natty's other jobs visit our NATTY G: MODEL WITH DOWN'S SYNDROME PAGE.


  1. She is awesome, what a little poser with as vibrant happy spirit :0)

  2. Congratulations Hayley! You must be soooooo soooooo proud :D

  3. Oh that is brilliant. The photos are so cute and looks like she had a lot of fun doing it.
    I shall share this on my facebook.

  4. that is fantastic - there should be more companies doing the same - it's amazing what that could achieve in enlightening people and altering perceptions :-) keep it up, Natty- you're a star!


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