Update on The Undateables

Well, we all watched the inspirational and very dateable Kate on The Undateables 2013 last night with pride, nervousness and excitement. 

Kate riding high after last night's programme

Kate is an incredible woman that I had the honour to meet when attending the British Institute of Learning Disabilities annual conference. She also has Down's Syndrome.

Today I copied and pasted some of the lovely encouraging messages I soureced from Twitter and Facebook and sent them to her colleagues, along with the rather nosey question "Is she still seeing Simon?" 

Kate was thrilled.

Kate's colleagues are protecting Kate from the media and fielding too many questions as she is very tired after the excitement of watching the programme last night. But they passed this message from her to her well-wishers and a lovely photo showing how happy she was at work today:

“Simon and I watched The Undateables together – along with over 30 family and friends! It was such a lovely evening. We are arranging to meet again, we’re getting on really well and we’re both going to see how it goes from here.”

And is Kate relaxing at home tonight? No chance. She is out with friends watching a pantomime!

So, it looks as if The Undateables got it right. Despite the titles and what you think about the directors' cuts. She provides a positive role model for our children, she fills we parents will hope, she has moved many to tears of joy. The nation has fallen in love with her beautiful ways and her sense of humour. No, she is not 'cute'. She is a woman, enjoying the world of dating.

Even Rufus Hound tweeted @RufusHound to
@DownsSideUp "I think she is most things that we should all try and be. She's brilliant."]