Kate Stars in the Undateables


Last year I had the very great pleasure of meeting an inspirational young woman Kate at the BILD annual conference. 

Kate works full time for the British Institute of Learning Disabilities and lives independently with support. Kate has Down's Syndrome, a social life you would be proud of, a house and mortgage, and told me how her Mum worried about her when she left home, but that she's just fine. 

Read here about how meeting Kate and others really was life-changing for me.

Kate was recently chosen to take part in a TV show called The Undateables, a kind of dating agency programme for those with disabilities and learning disabilities. 

Whatever you think of the programme (I for one can't get past the show's title) I urge you to watch to support the incredible Kate. The show airs at 9pm on Tuesday 22nd January. I just know Kate will shine and be an ambassador for us all.

She was also interviewed on ITV This Morning, Tuesday 8th January by Phillip and Holly.

Kate at home on the This Morning sofa 

Kate will love this experience and will change a few perceptions, I am sure. I can't wait to find out how the dates went Kate x

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  1. I just saw this show last night and I think its awesome!I have worked with children with challeneges since I was achild myself.They all need love!The biggest disabbility is the way people react!


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