Downs Side Up Uncovered: First Photo

Hayley signs "LOVE" in Makaton

It's the beginning of March, the month that sees World Down Syndrome Awareness Day and I've decided to share the first of my naked photos, by Photography by Maryna.

Some of you will have followed the progress of the nerves, the shoot, the reasons why, but essentially @Kateonthinice persuaded me to get involved in her one naked mum a month idea, to celebrate our mummy bodies, with all their foibles and squidgy bits.

I think as a mum of a child with a disability I wanted to say that our bodies are incredible, for they have produced our beautiful children. In no way should they ever be blamed for our children's conditions, a feeling that I know many of us go though, however fleetingly.

But we are also wives, sisters, partners, friends, not just mothers, and that is worth remembering too.

Of course getting naked was a terrifying experience, even very emotional, perhaps because the last time I was naked in front of strangers was in our home, giving birth to Natty. It's funny how your body remembers somehow. It's also like laying your soul bare, much in the way that writing a blog does. You can only be true to yourself and not worry too much about upsetting or offending others along the way.

So if you don't like nudity, look away. But perhaps I will encourage you to love your Mummy shape a bit more and thank yout body for the miraculous job it has done.

Oh, and if you'd like to donate to the DSA, DSi and our local support group, you can do so by 
texting DSUU47 £AMOUNT to 70070

Here's Blue Light Media Geoff's video explaining why I did it and how the day went.



  1. Beautiful xx

  2. You seem like such a lovely Mum.I'm sure with your love and attitude Natty will be and do whatever she wants in this world.You're very brave as I would only get my kit off for Hallowe'en!Best wishes x


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