The Rollercoaster of Life: A MAD Bloggers Day Out

A MADs Day Out to Legoland Windsor

The MAD Blog Award finalists and their families

There were MAD bloggers galore
new faces and some seen before.
it was a chance to meet before the big night
and thank our families for their support.

Hayley, Natty and Mia from Downs Side Up

That surreal gulf between knowing an avatar
and spotting someone in reality.
I missed many, for which I kick myself.
I promise to learn names, blogs and Twitter handles.
I will!

New friendships were forged.
puppy love blossomed.
children were nervously chased
as conversations remained half finished.

Natty's day out; eating doughnuts

Too much sugar was consumed
adrenaline made us squeal.
boundaries were pushed
new experiences devoured.

We jumped queues with our gold status
collected badges along the way
our lanyards the souvenir
of a fabulous day..

Reluctance to end each ride
drops of rain, plastic ponchos
tears at the 4D film
we negotiated our lows

Allowing safe risk, letting go
takes practice for me.
feelin sick with each twist and turn
we watched Natty and sis devour the day with gusto.

Up, up and away
"By myself!"

Soon climbing wasn't enough
Natty wanted the exciting stuff!
My phobia of rollerscoasters
had to be concealed.
(As you can see I hid it perfectly!)

Fun at Legoland

So we ended on a high!
The kids got me on a roller coaster
all the while protesting that I have been pushed screaming bravely jumped out of an aeroplane for charity once and that I have nothing to prove!

Home we came,
Natty snored all the way
and woke this morning chattering
"Mummy scream, Mia scream, Natty scream, Daddy scream."

Thank you MAD Blog Awards and Legland Windsor for your hospitality.


  1. so glad you all had a good day and wish I had had more time for chatting! x

  2. What a gorgeous post - and that photo of you all, its brilliant! Love the way you've written it up as a poem. This is how I'd like to write up days on my post some times, but lack the ability to cover the whole thing in rhyme like you! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow - can't believe Renata and I are actually going to be staying over in the same room, and in your hotel! Wonder if she's having second thoughts....! (Oh lord, far too many exclamation marks - i'm clearly getting overexcited!

    1. I am no poet, just an e pediment in a different format for speed. Very excited about tomorrow, so glad you're staying over too :))!!!

  3. It was such a fantastic weekend and so lovely to meet you all - see you in Sept xxx


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