How Britmums Live and the BiBs changed my life

Friday sees the start of a 2 day event that has me nervous and excited and as keen as mustard: yep, that's right It's Britmums Live!

A time to learn, network, make new friends and, if last year was anything to go by, cry. A lot.

I've done a little video of what the 'blogging oscars' meant to me last year, and how it changed my life in small but important ways.

Please come and say hi and forgive me for being useless with names!

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  1. Can it really be a year since we first met at BritMumsLive!

    It has been lovely to see you go from strength to strength...but with that sweet and charming nature, how could you not?

    I will be thinking of you again this year and you are to think of me as that little voice on your shoulder telling you you can do it. Not sure voices can sit on shoulders, but if they can I'm yours and in your corner.

    Love, Mx

    1. Sorry you won't be there Mel? Thank you for your kind words and the constant inspiration.
      I find your blog always uplifting, inspiration, sometimes tear-jerking, always relevant.
      Thank you

  2. Loved our accidental meeting and chat outside the loos at BritMums Live! Funny that the universe connects us to the right people isn't it?


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