Beautiful Trisomy 21 Exhibition in our local hospital

Photographer Simon Burt put together a striking series of portraits of children and young people with Down's Syndrome last year. It has been hung at the Eden Project and touring ever since and has now just taken pride of place in the main link corridor in the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Natty had an appointment there last week and I took her to see the images afterwards. She immediately spotted herself way up high, and screamed, 

'It's meeee!'

Well, that certainly got the attention of many a passerby, who shared her unstoppable smile.

The exhibition looks fabulous, do have a peek if you are passing.



  1. Beautiful photo. I also love the new look of your blog.

  2. Very sweet photo of her and I love that she was so excited! I'm finding 6 (almost in our case!) to be such a fun age. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine x

  3. Wow… looks really cute and nice.. No wonder it grabs the attention of the people who pass through..


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