Fabulous Funky Frugi Turns Ten

FrugiJust the name puts a smile on my lips!

When Frugi offered Natty a little outfit to try as part of their tenth birthday celebrations, we jumped swung at the chance.

Natty, 7, models Frugi's SS14 range

I could wax lyrical all day about their funky, comfortable clothes for kids, made from soft organic cotton.

Perfect for action-packed fun!

I would be first in line for a badge of honour for being one of their greatest customers. Yep, right back to the beginning 10 years ago when they were called Cut4Cloth. And guess what, many of those much sought-after vintage garments are still being worn by Natty today.

I could tell you that although each item costs a little more than some large highstreet stores clothes, the price per wear is minuscule because they will last at least four children before they even begin to look 'not new'. Your children's cousins will be very happy!

I might be tempted to rave about how generously cut they are, with such soft waist elastic that a pair of trousers that fitted Mia at three, were still being worn as shorts when she was a much bigger 8.

I could tell you that they are the perfect clothes for children with Down's syndrome because the A-line dresses float so beautifully over little tummies and the leggings are so comfy and flattering. The dresses are cut so well that in time they become tunics and many of the trousers have turn-ups with beautiful contrast lining.

If, like me, you get a little tired of oceans of pink for girls and blue for boys, you'd love the Frugi collections which feature greens and blues and corals and yellows for both sexes.

If you like to add to favourite pieces each year by replacing what has been grown out of and keeping what still fits, you'll love the fact that Frugi tend to keep to a palate of similar colours each season. That way we find we have a wardrobe of mix and match items with a 3 year old cardigan still matching beautifully with this season's dresses and leggings.

I could enthuse about how the lovely owners Kurt and Lucy are and what an ethical company they run and how friendly all their staff are and how many richly-deserved awards they have won.

I could tip you off about the ridiculously cheap warehouse sales they run each year but then I would have more of you to fend off when I turn up to fill my basket.

I could also tell you that funds from those warehouse sales are sent to charities such as funding an orphanage in India. How many companies do that?

I could tell you all of that. But why do Frugi make my heart soar the most?

Because they were one of the first companies in this country to use a model with Down's syndrome three years ago. Our little Natty started working for them after I wrote a letter to them asking if they would help me make advertising more inclusive, and they said yes straight away simply because they said Natty was just a gorgeous little girl like any other.

Not only that but they printed a full page spread about Downs Side Up and the support we try to offer new families with a child with Down's syndrome, in one of their catalogues.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frugi, happy birthday to you!

Ten children were asked to take part in this review ranging from one to ten years old. 
Natty is 7, so to read about how the 8 year old road-tester got on, visit Nichola and her children at Global Mouse Travels

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