Meg's Marvellous Dressage Success

Megan Wilcox is an RDA and para dressage rider with her sights set high. From Harrogate, she and pony Dunkie are aiming for the special and 'real' Olympics, and it's looks as if they are well on their way.

Megan agreed to share her story with us, and this is what she wrote about her pony and her riding career. We can't wait to follow her progress.

Megan and Dunkie are set for dressage success

My name is Meg and I have Downs Syndrome but that doesn't stop me being amazing. 

I have recently qualified for the Disabled Association National Championship for dressage.

I started riding when I was just two years old at Follifoot Park Riding centre in Harrogate. I started riding because my Mummy used to ride and she was really good. I ride now nearly every day with the Burrell Dressage Team at Panal, where my pony Dunks lives. 

I have had Dunkie since September 2014 and I love her! She is 19 years old, 13 hands 2 and is a dun pony. Sometimes she is a monkey but I still love her to bits. I was very lucky because Izzy Palmer, the youngest member on the BEF UK sport lottery funded World Class Development programme, gave me Dunks. She is very supportive and very nice. I hope one day I will be as good as Izzy Palmer, or even William Fox-Pitt.

To be as good as them takes a lot of practice. I am very lucky that I have my Mummy who tells me how to improve. I love making my Mum proud. I love practicing jumping. I have just started to do this, because my balance has got better.

My proudest achievement so far was when I came top in my two junior classes to qualify for the National Championships. I got so excited, I went a bit crazy and bounced up and down. My advice for anyone with Downs Syndrome would be to get on a horse, try your best and be determined in what you want to do. 

If you would like to learn more about me and my riding please like my Facebook page Megan Wilcox Dressage or follow me on Twitter @Megwdressage


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