Support Marcus, Author of Black Day Book: The Monster Rock Band

One of our girls' favourite books of the year is Black Day: The monster Rock Band created by our dear friends Mardra and Marcus Sikora of Grown Ups and Downs.

Natty reviews Black Day Book by Marcus and Mardra Sikora

Marcus is an accomplished author and a bit if a dude who also has Down's syndrome. His debut kids' story has been met with huge acclaim, he's been interviewed all over the media, has been on a book signing tour and he is already planning a sequel!

Meet Marcus and his family and hear how the book came to be created here:

Natty says that if you love Wallace and Gromit you'll love Black Day: The Monster Rock Band (which turned out to need a bit of practice to say!) 
She tells you about her favourite character here!

You can watch the trailer to learn more here:

As Mardra says, writing the book is the easy bit, spreading the word takes a little effort from us all.

Black Day Book by Marcus and Mardra Sikora is available in the UK here, as well as via Amazon US and is also available 
as an audio book. 

So grab your copy today!

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