We have Down's Syndrome

The most important section of the blog, this is the place where the stories of those who have Down's syndrome are showcased. 

This section provides a genuine insight into the varied world of adults with Trisomy 21. 

Adam is 53 years old and has been married for 20 years. He also has Down's syndrome. Together with his Mum, Adam is writing a diary of his life so far, one entry per year. You'll love this compelling read.

George's Mum Tatty has created the I Am No Poster Boy Facebook Page to tell her son's story. George is non verbal, so his family are his voice. Read her story of love here. 

Megan is destined for success as a para dressage rider, along with pony Dunkie. Read her story here.

My Uncle Martin by Kristian Naylor

Sarah Merriman by her Dad and best-selling author of A Minor Adjustment, Andy Merriman

Kate who works at the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD), featured recently on Channel 4 programme The Undateables.

Heart and Sold Art Exhibition featuring work by professional artists, all of whom have Down's syndrome. A review by Suzie Moffat.

Oliver Hellowell is a professional photographer, specialising in wildlife and landscape photography. Downs Side Up interviewed him exclusively here. You'll also find links to his site where his work can be purchased.

Kate Powell is the editor of the Down's Syndrome Association's Down 2 Earth magazine. We were honoured when she offered to write a review of I Love You Natty: A sibling's uplifting introduction to Down's syndrome. We were even more honoured when she gave it 99 stars!

Watch Things Adults with Down's Syndrome Hate Hearing here. 


  1. Lovely. I simply loved this article. Very uplifting to know that people living with Downs can love a normal life, pursuing and achieving their dreams while being a remarkable blessing to others.

  2. Looking forward to adding this to my daily read. Thanks


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